1) The Dance Pass - Everyone starts with one of these. Includes admission to all dances (Dec. 26th - Jan. 1st) including the New Year’s Eve party.

  • Summer Pricing (until September 21st) - $205
  • Fall Pricing (September 22nd until December 20th) - $230
  • At-the-Door Pricing (Starting December 21st) - $250

2) Classes - Add as few or as many Courses as you wish. Pricing does not change, but they do sell out.

  • 2 Hour Courses - $28
  • 4 Hour Courses - $56

A LA Carte & Single Night Dance Passes

Starting this November, an a la carte pass will be available where you can purchase tickets for individual nights. This pass also allows you to add any Courses you wish that are not sold out. Advance pricing for all single night dance passes will be available through Dec. 20th and at-the-door pricing will go into effect on Dec. 21st.

  • 12/26 - 9pm: FREE
    Pre-party DJ'd Welcome Dance.
  • 12/27 - 8:30pm: $48 advance/$55 starting Dec. 21st
    Main Dance: Jimmie Lunceford Tribute
    Late Night: Benny Goodman Small Group Tribute (Lindy/Bal)
    (alt. rooms will be DJ’d Blues)
  • 12/28 - 8:30pm: $48 advance/$55 starting Dec. 21st
    Main Dance: Benny Goodman Orch. Tribute
    Late Night: Lionel Hampton Small Group Tribute (Lindy/Bal)
    (alt. room will be DJ’d Blues)
  • 12/29 - 8:30pm: $48 advance/$55 starting Dec. 21st
    Main Dance: Lionel Hampton Orch. Tribute
    Late Night: The Jen Hodge All Stars (LindyBlues/Slow)
    (alt. room will be DJ’d Balboa)
  • 12/30 - 8:30pm: $48 advance/$55 starting Dec. 21st
    Main Dance: Chick Webb Tribute
    Late Night: Michael Gamble & The Rhythm Serenaders (Lindy Hop)
    (alt. room will be DJ’d Blues & Balboa)
  • 12/31 - 7:30pm: $58 advance/$70 starting Dec. 21st
    Main Dance: New Year's Party with Jonathan Stout Orchestra
    Late Night: Lindy Hop & Balboa DJ's + Blues room


Important Reg Policy

Every pass holder must have their own account and needs to register under that account. That means no registering friends, spouses, groups, etc, from one account. To say it another way, each account will only be allowed one registration. This will greatly simplify event check in not just for you but for everyone.

No pass transfers or full refunds will be allowed. Instead, there are two cancellation options.

CANCELLATION OPTION 1: If a registrant can’t attend and we are notified by October 31st, a refund minus a 10% cancellation fee can be issued. If notified after October 31st and before Dec. 26th, 2018, a 20% cancellation fee will apply.

CANCELLATION OPTION 2: If notified by Dec. 26th, 2018, a pass credit towards next year for the purchased pass registration type can be issued. (Note: credits apply to passes only; no credit can be given for add-on courses, competition registrations, or breakfast tickets.)

What we have is a community-based commitment model, where the attendee pays to reserve their spot, and we use — and count on — that payment to make the event happen!

How do I use the reg system?

Once registration is open, click the banner at the top of this page to take you to the registration area.

From there you can log in with your account from last year, or create a new one. Then select the Lindy Focus XVII event, your dance pass (or a la carte pass offered starting in November), fill out the survey, choose your Courses and other add-ons, then check out through PayPal (account not required).