Our search for the perfect instructors begins with our values — we look for empathetic, invested, professional and all-around admirable human beings who value inclusivity, historical honesty, and consent, while also being representative of a wide swath of humanity and reflective of a true diversity of backgrounds.

And then they must of course be brilliant artists. Everyone here is not only a lifelong devotee of mastering their styles, but also of conveying that mastery on the dance floor, spreading inspiration and joy everywhere they go.

Finally, they must love the classroom, and be eager to place themselves in the shoes of their students. These instructors have collectively spent countless hours teaching in rooms of all sizes that represent everything from small-town local scene-building to top-tier international workshops. A wide range of instructional styles are represented, but at their core they are all great communicators, and we know you’ll love learning from them!

Also, a warm welcome to our newcomers: Irina Amzashvili, Shani Brown, Hyunjung Choi, Clàudia Fonte, Andrew Hsi, Peter Kertz, Laurel Ryan, and Elze Visnevskyte!