About Your Organizers

Jaya and Michael Gamble met in the fall of 2001 at a college swing dance club and hosted the first Lindy Focus (with co-founder Sosh Howell) in January of 2002. In the nearly two decades since, they’ve experimented a lot, and have slowly developed this annual happening into the celebration we all know and love.

In the meantime, they graduated from college, got married, traveled the country as swing dance instructors, and then later on settled down a bit, acquired dogs and goats, and found ways to explore life while staying plugged into the swing scene.

Jaya spends the balance of her year working as a birth and postpartum doula supporting families through pregnancy, birth, and early parenting. In her down time she likes gardening, taking daily walks, knitting, sewing, cooking, reading, and practicing yoga.

Michael still hits the road fairly regularly with his swing band The Rhythm Serenaders, but also loves to come home, work the “farm” with Jaya, get plenty of outdoor time, and sneak in an occasional game of dungeons and dragons.

They continue to get nourishment from and try to give nourishment to the world of swing and early jazz music and dance. Recent changes in the scene have brought new levels of awareness of a wide range of injustices within the scene and beyond — these if anything have served to reinvigorate their commitment to building and participating in a healthy and self aware space where we respect one another’s humanity, and drink from the collective spring of inspiration!

Photo by Bobby Bonsey

Photo by Bobby Bonsey