The vast majority of Lindy Focus work during the event is completed by returning staff and workers with years of experience within their departments, but occasionally spots do open up, and joining one of these teams is one way to ease one’s costs of attending. If you’re interested in trying to work one of these limited spots, please send an email to

Please include the following in your email:

  • What area(s) of the event you’d like to work in (setup, takedown, floor, tech, kitchen, door security, other)

  • Explain your background doing this type of work

  • Your likely estimated arrival/departure schedule (days/times)

  • Whether you intend to take classes and how that might impact your schedule

IMPORTANT: As mentioned above, most work spots are filled by people who’ve worked in their department in prior years, and it should not be assumed that a position will be available. We strongly recommend you register and pay as usual even if you’re seeking work/trade. If you are brought on to work, your registration cost will be adjusted/removed in accordance with the work.


Scholarship Opportunities

Lindy Focus is offering scholarship passes to attendees who have both a high level of financial need as well as an outstanding commitment to the dance. We encourage applications by people of color and members of other historically marginalized and disenfranchised groups. We will also consider how an applicant contributes to a more progressive and inclusive dance scene.

Scholarship recipients will not be announced or required to do any work or promotion.

Scholarships will be awarded in two rounds, with two deadlines:

  • September 1 - A limited number of scholarships are available for applicants who need to make travel plans early. Those submissions will be considered and responded to by September 8.

  • October 1 - All other applications will be reviewed and responded to by October 8. Those who did not receive a scholarship in the early round will be considered again in this round.

To apply for this program, please complete this scholarship application. If you have questions or would like to send your responses by email, contact us at