Event Safety: Our One-Year Plan

This short term plan is designed to address specific and immediate actions affecting our Event Safety program, how it will be crafted, communicated, and implemented leading up to this year’s event in December 2017.

By the end of May 2017, the News section of lindyfocus.com will display this, the first update in what we hope to be monthly updates exploring in detail some of the work-in-progress related to the event. Initially, this vehicle will be to increase the quality of communication regarding the Event Safety department, but may expand to other areas of the event as well.

By the end of June 2017, our website will contain up-to-date information about our Safe Spaces policies in a new section regarding Event Safety. The area will consist of four subheadings: Code of Conduct, Report an Issue, Safety Staff, and Safety Policies.

The Code of Conduct page will be updated to reflect improvement based on feedback from our LFXV event experience.

The Report an Issue section will allow for the following contact options:

  • Phone/text to Event Safety Staff Member
  • Email to Event Safety Staff Member
  • Anonymous contact form to Event Safety team
  • Email to Event Organizers

The Safety Staff page will provide an introduction to each member of this team, an explanation of their duties, a photo, and means of contact. The Safety Staff will be paid event employees, and we will list their professional credentials and experience.

At least one Safety Staff member will be available for consultation year-round.

The Event Safety Policies will offer a detailed description of everything the event is doing to maximize the safety of attendees, from large scale to small.

The artists chosen by the event, including musicians and dancers, have been chosen not only for their high level of achievement in their area of expertise, but also their openly-expressed inclusive values, accountability, and positive community-building skills.

By end of 2017, it is our plan to expand on “lessons learned” implementing this plan, and develop it into a simultaneously broader and more detailed five-year plan.

Michael GambleSafety