First and foremost we are proud to introduce Shannon Lea Watkins as our Music Jam Facilitator. Shannon is committed to making this all-important aspect of live music participation at the event welcoming to all range of musicians and all types of people. 

Lindy Focus will be providing a small book of music to be used (if needed) during the jams, including tunes from a wide range of swing sub-genres, prepared for non-transposing instruments (piano, guitar, bass, etc) as well as transposing (most brass & woodwinds), along with a quick reference guide for both music theory and jam etiquette. These will be available (soon) pre-event in PDF form, and some printed copies will also be available. Finally, the songs will be shared in iRealPro (a handy music app) format, to allow for even easier sharing, transposing, and editing if needed.

Though we don’t expect that this schedule represents *all* of the informal playing that will happen at the event, here are the times that we’ve officially set aside. 

12/27 6-9pm - Welcome Music Jam - please attend at least the beginning of this if at all possible in order to meet Shannon, get acquainted with one another, and take a moment to consider etiquette and format before cutting loose!

12/27 1am-late - Music Jam
12/28 5:15-6:15 - Music Jam Vocalist Collaboration Session
12/28 1am-late - Music Jam
12/29 1am-late - Music Jam
12/30 2:30-5:30 - Music Jam
12/30 1am-late - Music Jam
12/31 1am-late - Music Jam