live music

It's no secret that Lindy Focus puts music first. Our reasoning is very simple: the best music creates the best dancing. We hold nothing back in bringing you quite literally the best live music we believe it's possible to assemble. It starts with the bandleaders, but continues with the individual musicians (each all-stars in their own right) and continues further with the song selection itself (yes, we are known to make band set-lists months in advance!). 

NEW THIS YEAR: For music students who want to go deeper, check out the courses page.


12/27: Jimmie Lunceford Orchestra Tribute + Benny Goodman Small Group Tribute

12/28: Benny Goodman Orchestra Tribute + Lionel Hampton Small Group Tribute

12/29: Lionel Hampton Orchestra Tribute + The Jen Hodge All Stars

12/30 Main: Chick Webb Orchestra Tribute + Michael Gamble & The Rhythm Serenaders

12/31: New Year's Party with Jonathan Stout and the Lindy Focus All Star Orchestra


special guests

This year several of our band nights feature the work of Lionel Hampton, Benny Goodman, or some combination of the two! For that reason, we have brought in two very special guest artists, Joe Doubleday and Felix Peikli. (click their photo to learn more!)

band members

Every member of each band is hand-picked for their unique musical contribution to the whole. The Lindy Focus All Star Orchestra and each of the late night groups are filled with some of the greatest living talent in swing music. In addition to our special guests above, new this year are Emily Asher, Jacob Zimmerman, and Renee McGee. Welcome, all!