It's no secret that Lindy Focus puts music first. Our reasoning is very simple: the best music creates the best dancing. We hold nothing back in bringing you quite literally the bestlive music we believe it's possible to assemble. It starts with the bandleaders, but continues with the individual musicians (each all-stars in their own right) and continues further with the music selection itself. 




Now, gather ‘round folks. The individual players are what make all the difference here, with respect to the bandleaders. Lindy Focus is committed to bringing you the best possible version of each band. For this, our sixteenth year, we thought it was important to bring in some new talent. There are many great living masters of swing playing in this country, and exposing more of those people to our community is a huge priority for us. We will sorely miss those who are standing aside this year in order to make way for the new faces, and we hope the whole scene is as grateful to them as we are, even as we give a warm welcome to this new crew!


Jonathan Stout (bandleader, guitar)
Laura Windley (vocals)
Josh Collazo (drums, bandleader)
Albert Alva (reeds)
Gordon Au (trumpet)
Jon Doyle (reeds)
Keenan McKenzie (reeds)
Ken McGee (trumpet)
Lucian Cobb (trombone)
Michael Gamble (bandleader, bass)
Noah Hocker (trumpet)
Chris Dawson (piano, CA)
James Posedel (piano)
Russ Wilson (drums and vocals)

New this year

Jen Hodge (bass)
Jim Ziegler (trumpet & vocals)
Chloe Feoranzo (reeds)
Anita Thomas (reeds)
Charlie Halloran (trombone, bandleader)
Greg Ruby (guitar, bandleader)
Eric Heveron-Smith (trombone)
Finn Magill (fiddle/violin)