Field Day & More


Special Activities on 12/30

We devote one afternoon during camp (December 30th) to allow you to explore “extra-curricular” activities to balance out your dance and music overload. Here is some of what you can expect on what we call Field Day:

  • Discussion: Ain't She Sweet? Issues of Gender for Musicians in a Male Oriented Jazz World - This will be a panel discussion organized by Elizabeth Pascoe and Annie Erbsen that also features the women musicians who will appear on the LF Stage, including Chloe Feoranzo, Anita Thomas, Laura Windley, Jen Hodge, and more!

  • A Look Inside Swing Music with Rob Moreland - Using live recordings collected over the past three years, we'll take an inside look at the music we dance to. We'll discuss the roles of the various instruments you hear in swing bands and how they interact. We'll listen to examples from Michael Gamble's Rhythm Serenaders and other bands recorded at Lindy Focus and The Nevermore Jazz Ball. Because each instrument was recorded separately during the live shows, we'll be able to break down songs instrument by instrument to illustrate roles, interactions and other fun parts of the music.
  • Vintage Hair Basics for Everyone with the Lindy Focus Salon & Beauty Bar (Rm 220)
  • DIY NYE Updos with the Lindy Focus Salon & Beauty Bar (Rm 220)


Here are some other special activities you may want to check out! (some during field day and some at other times during camp)

  • Discussion Series: Race & Lindy Hop with Breai Mason-Campbell - [learn more!]
  • Russ Wilson’s Record Party This is a social dancing situation, but with a twist. The music will be provided by the legendary Russ Wilson, via two turntables and a huge library of vintage 78RPM records. In addition to playing tunes, Mr. Wilson may offer some historical insight and anecdotes. You can even flip through his collection and make requests. It’ll be a grand old time!
  • Music Jams - Playing music is a big a part of Lindy Focus as dancing!
    [learn more]
  • Wellness classes with Kevin Clark - Taking care of your body is important, and we strongly recommend you balance your dancing time with some wellness classes to keep you going through the week! [learn more]
  • Wanna social dance more? Work on class material? Come to the practice sessions! [learn more]