Lindy Focus has a lot of additional goings-on aside from anything and everything swing-related. Find something below that syncs up with the experience you’re looking for!


Discussion Series


with Breai Mason-Campbell

These sessions are scattered throughout camp, and designed not to conflict with too many other offerings — we recommend you make it to as many of them as you can! Some of these topics will no doubt be very challenging, but, we believe, very worthwhile. Please come on down with an open mind, and see what you can learn.

All of these sessions have required reading! [Jump to reading list.]

FRI 12/28 12:45-1:45pm “War Report”
Crash course + Scene leaders report out on their goals from last year, progress, roadblocks and reflections.

FRI 12/28 4:30-5:30pm “The Look: Crooning, Shucking, Jiving and Performance in Lindy.”

Where there is an imbalance of power, can performance transcend the base level of "shucking and jiving," (minstrel performance done in the style of the power broker, to suit the tastes and preferences of that group)? How does this question play a role in how we teach and learn to perform in the Lindy scene?

SAT 12/29 12:45-1:45pm “The Great Debate”

A look at the prominently held perspectives about race in the dance scene....and an actual debate.

SAT 12/29 4:30-5:30pm “Separate, But Equal”

Social Activism vs Skills and Training: Is the history of physical and cultural resistance more or less important than technical excellence? Is one possible without the other?

SUN 12/30 12:45-1:45pm “McLindy: Capitalism, International Expansion, and Color Blindness”
If Kung Fu Panda has taught us nothing, we have learned that skill in the hands of those with the wrong character is dangerous. This hour will consider the impact of market-driven priorities on community and culture.

DOCUMENTATION OF THESE SESSIONS: The way we see it, this is a discussion series, not a lecture, which means the goal is earnest participation. While recording and sharing does seem to have potential value for the larger community, we feel that it could hinder speech and accidentally foster a more performative atmosphere. We've also discussed having official notes taken and published, but the discussion is nuanced and sensitive enough that we don't think a note-taker would do it accurate justice (and a professional stenographer is not in our budget this year). If you can't make a session, we encourage you to read the provided reading material, have a friend take notes, and/or hire Breai for your local scene. Like many parts of Lindy Focus, our discussion series will change and evolve over the years—this is just what feels right this year!


More Great Conversations

THU 12/27 4:30-5:30pm “History and Influence” (Adam Brozowski)
Learn all about the LGBTQAI+ experience in the Harlem Renaissance and Swing Era.

THU 12/27 4:30-5:30pm “Safer Spaces 101: Where to Start” (Marley Hirsch)
Are you an organizer, teacher, musician, or other role model or leader within a dance scene? Do you feel confused/frustrated/overwhelmed/yikes about how to handle difficult topics surrounding building safety into your community? This talk will involve some ideas and resources to help begin integrating more intentional safety mechanisms into a scene from the ground up. Codes of conduct, crisis reporting, staffing a safer spaces team, and other concerns will be included, as well as time for open discussion and questions at the end.

CW: We will potentially be discussing or mentioning hard realities such as physical/emotional/sexual abuse, racism, sexism, homo/transphobia, and other topics that may be uncomfortable or possibly triggering. Please join us if you can, step out if you need to.

SUN 12/30 4:45-5:45pm “Coming Out on the Floor” (Adam Brozowski)
Adam moderates a panel discussion about the LGBTQAI+ experience in Lindy Hop Today.




with Cynthia Finnemore-Simonds and Sherwood Olin

Take a minute off the dance floor to find a new tribe. Are you a trivia buff? Want to learn how to fold an origami orchestra? Are you the biggest Lionel Hampton fan? Can you Name that Tune? Create, play, win, check in, connect or just come for the free hugs and chocolate! All meet-ups take place at the Lobby Fireplace.

WED 12/26 8-9pm “100 Wishes for Lindy Hop”
Come add your wishes to a colorful square of paper and fold it into an origami dance shoe, bow tie, guitar, twirly skirt or dress shirt to string on our garland. We'll hang them up on New Year's Eve and swing forward into the future!

THU 12/27 4:30-5:30pm “Sticky Note Stories”
Write a fortunately / unfortunately silly or serious sentence to add to a laundry list of Lindy hopes and mishaps. If we find a particularly good story to come out of this game, we’ll share it at a camp meeting!

FRI 12/28 12:45-1:45pm “Name that Tune”
Find the salt to your pepper, the Tom to your Jerry, the Bert to your Ernie and put your heads together to name that tune.

SAT 12/29 12:45-1:45pm “Lionel Hampton Trivia Night”
Who knows the most about Lionel Hampton? A special guest will test your knowledge of this year's transcription campaign.

SUN 12/30 12:45-1:45pm “It's Knot Over Yet! Bow Ties, Neck Ties, Hair Ribbons & Scarves”
Always wanted to know how to tie that fancy tie? Vintage scarves got you tied up in knots? Hair ribbons in a tizzy? We'll help you untangle the truth about fun & fancy ways to get snazzy!

MON 12/31 1:30-2:30pm “Blow off Some Steam”
After dancing with your demons, come on over and see who can blow the biggest bubble. Who can whistle with a mouth full of crackers? Tandem games and silliness. With candy to sweeten the deal!