Classes at Lindy Focus (Overview)

Your event pass includes all dances and special activities, but most folks will want to spend their days in class, honing their dance skills, socializing, and getting themselves as ready as possible for the evening dancing.


All classes are grouped into 2-4 hour units called Courses. You can add as many or as few of these as you like to your ticket when registering, or after the fact. We recommend snagging any high-priority courses when you first register to make sure you reserve a spot in that classroom.


Topics range from “core Lindy Hop” (and there is a lot of juicy Lindy Hop offered!) to Balboa, Blues, Solo Jazz, and much more! You can shape your classroom experience however you like depending on what you most want to study.


We’re very excited to offer a small number of slots in three different student groups: Small Swing Band, Traditional Jazz Band, and Swing Orchestra, taught by guest artists Felix Peikli, Emily Asher, and Keenan McKenzie, respectively. There is more info about these in the Course Catalog, but essentially when you sign up for one of these, you are applying for a specific “chair” in the band. Depending on demand, everyone who applies may not be accepted — we will do our best to create student groups of comparable ability for the best possible learning environment. All student groups will be given a chance to perform for camp!


There will be no camp-wide auditions. Many of the courses are Open Level, which means anyone can register and get in — though some of them do have suggested pre-requisites. For certain more challenging Courses, an audition is required. Courses that require auditions list SPECIFIC pre-requisites that you will be required to demonstrate at the beginning. For example, it might be as simple as requiring that you can demonstrate a clean Swingout from Closed, Swingout, and Circle. Or you might be asked to demonstrate the Shim Shim or Tranky Doo, or to execute a short routine for which the instructor has posted a video (or will soon). But the main thing is this: no surprises! You should be able to prepare for all auditions well in advance, because the exact requirements will be available.

In the case that you do not pass the Audition, you will have the option to instead (A) Take an Open Course (no audition required) that is the same length, offered at the same time or (B) Work with registration staff to choose another equivalent same-length Open Course.

That being said, we hope everyone will register with every intention of preparing to pass the skills assessment so as not to unnecessarily claim a spot in the class roster (capacities are of course limited). Every "Audition Required" Course provides a description of what will be expected in the Audition - this is precisely so that you as a class taker can prepare. For now, those requirements are somewhat generalized, but as we get closer to the event, many of the instructors or members of our audition team will be sharing videos and other tools to help you prepare. The intention is not to shut anyone out, but rather to bring everyone up to where you can get the absolute most out of every class session!


We recommend you follow these steps to choosing your Courses:

  • Visit the Suggested Curriculums page in case one of our pre-fab curriculums happen to match your interests and experience. (Note: Not all courses will be listed here so be sure to check out the full catalog for additional options!)
  • Visit the Course Catalog (Schedule) page to view all Courses in the context of the event schedule. Use the Course Catalog (by Style) page if you’re trying to find a course within a specific style of dance.
  • Make your selections prior to registering, then when it’s time to register use your notes for reference so you don’t need to keep track of a bunch of browser windows!