It really does take a village to throw a stellar dance event. Seriously, there’s enough talent running this thing to operate a small country, and we’re so honored to have all these amazing people helping to make Lindy Focus XVI Happen!

Jaya Gamble (Event Director)
Michael Gamble (Event Director, Bandleader)
Michael Cancienne (Production Director)
Michael Strickland (Main Dance Sound Engineer)
Rob Moreland (Late Night Sound Engineer)
Matthew Bergvinson (Audio Technician)
Nirav Sanghani (Audio Assistant)
Diana Smith (Lighting Operator)
Bobby White (MC)
Bruce Bryant (Floor, Audio eqpt., and Lighting Director)
Ellen Yong (Floor, Audio, and Lighting)
Brandi Ferrebee (Floor Crew Manager)
Yossef Mendelssohn (Production Setup Technician)
Lindsay Longstreth (Staff Liaison & Transportation)
Rob Murphy (Stage Management)
Ken Heil & Daphna Harel (Ballroom Managers)
Melanie Farmer & Elena Valencia (Ballroom Managers and Staff Transportation)
Cari Westbrook (Late Night Manager)
Scott Angelius (Competition Coordinator)
Rebecca Strickland (Competition/Placement Logistics)
Jessica & Kenny Nelson (Track Placement Coordinators)
Beccy Aldrich (Track Placement Logistics)
Nicole Zuckerman (Placement MC, Web Dev Team)
Carl Nelson & Adam Hitchcock (Web Dev Team)
Shannon Lea Watkins (Music Jam Facilitator)
Cindy Lyons & Jony Navarro (Coaching Team Leaders)
Kerry Kapaku, Dave Deenik, Teni Lopez-Cardenas, Lindsay Kelly, Jason Platt, Cierra Ruffin, Galit Weinfeld (Practice Coaches)
Bethany Potter, Shani Brown, Kyle Kelley, Alyssa Kelly, Hilary-Lynn McCabe, Mallory Peterson, Juliana Quiroz (Registration & Front Desk Team)
Shawna & Mike Westervelt (Security Managers)
Cynthia Finnemore Simonds (Staff Meals Manager)
Sherwood Olin, Yaya Ardis, Jacob Beaudry, Ivan Huang, Jesse Young, Laureen Marguin (Staff Meals Crew)
Jessica Keener (Event Photographer)
Braden Nesin & Jeff Liu-Leyco (Photo Booth Photographers)
David Mudre (Photo Booth Photographer and Video Operator)
Michelle Morrison (Visual Design & Setup)
Michelle Chaff (On-Site Vendor Coordinator)
Breai Mason-Campbell & Sarah Sullivan (Discussion Series)
Kevin Clark (Health & Wellness)
Alicia Vance (Vintage Hair Styling & Makeup)
Marley Hirsch, Guy Morganstein, & Liz Polinsky (Safety Team)


Saint Savoy
Forties Forward
Indelible Look by Iris
Ryan Calloway Art
Mary Kay Caricatures
Laura Glaess Art
Savoy Shop & Dancer Clothing Exchange
Massage with Danielle Knight & Erin Hennessy
Lindy Focus Salon & Beauty Bar

And of course thank you to all the volunteer crews in setup, dance floor/av, door security, staff meals, floor captains, and more - couldn’t do it without your hard work and dedication!